"If you can't stop the course of time, at least take a picture of it, is a photographer's simple creed."

  Drei getarnte Hühner

"It is one of the rare books, full of emotions but without beeing sentimal and which managed to universalize personal memories ." www.fotofeinkost.de

"There are places we arrive at one day and which then remain close to us for the rest of our lives. There is an attraction we cannot explain, though we certainly feel it. Ahrenshoop is such a place." www.bildwerk3.de

"The pictures that Thomas Sandberg has photographed in the 80s in Ahrenshoop reflect so effortlessly, so naturally this familiarity, this memory magic that I almost automatically arrive at places and people that have this significance in my life. A wonderful photobook." www.25books.de

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ISBN 978-3-00-038080-8


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